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Spot from where distance to an object is measured
a) reference point b) regular point c) reference section d) reference speed
Motion is described as a change in
a) Acceleration b) position c) Slope d) Speed
Measure of change in velocity is
a) Acceleration b) Motion c) Position d) speed
The measure of the distance and object travels per unit of time is the object's
a) time b) position c) distance d) speed
Which unit measures speed?
a) m/s b) cm c) km/h d) Both A and C
What is measured in meters per seconds squared
a) Velocity b) Mass c) acceleration d) Position
What term is defined as speed and direction of a moving object?
a) Acceleration b) Velocity c) Position d) Speed
What does the triangle symbol mean?
a) change b) final c) initial d) position
What is a correct formula for distance?
a) D = S * T b) D = S / T c) D = T/ S d) D = X * T
What is a correct formula for speed?
a) S = T * D b) S = D * T c) S= T/ D d) S = D/ T
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