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there is more than one way to insert a function
a) true b) false c) chicken shwarma d) beef kabobs
which of the following will insert the date and time?
when you name a range of cells, you can just type in the __________
a) name box b) formula bar c) home tab d) autosum button
when naming a group of cells, you cannot use spaces between words
a) true b) false c) stuffed crust jalapeno and pepperoni pizza d) texas potatoes
which of the following is not a way to insert a function?
a) insert tab b) formulas tab c) formula autocomplete d) fx button
the fx button does what?
a) inserts function b) zooms to selection c) fixes your problem in Excel d) sends a fax
which of the following is not listed under autosum?
a) if b) max c) min d) average
when using formula autocomplete, you need to double click the blue function name that appears
a) true b) false c) brisket sandwich d) chicken habanero sandwich
this function counts the number of cells that contain numbers
a) count b) counta c) countif d) countblank
this function counts the number of cells that are not blank
a) counta b) count c) countif d) countblank
pre-programmed shortcuts for calculating complex equations
a) functions b) formulas c) ctrl f d) junctions
you can access information from sheet 1 and put it on sheet 2.
a) true b) false c) d)
in the if function, what is the argument listed at the top?
a) logical test b) value if true c) value if false d)
when calculating loan payments, which argument represents the amount you are borrowing?
a) pv b) fv c) pmt d) rate
in the pmt function, what do you need to do the rate to get it to be a monthly rate?
a) divide by 12 b) multiply by 12 c) keep it the same d)
in the pmt function, should nper be in months or years?
a) months b) years c) bi annual d)
which function includes table array, column index number, lookup value, and range lookup
a) vlookup b) if c) pmt d) max
which of the following arguments in vlookup tells you which value you are looking for
a) lookup value b) range lookup c) column index number d) table array
which of the following arguments in vlookup represents the group of cells that contain the info you are looking for?
a) table array b) column index number c) table array d) lookup value
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