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This storage organelle is responsible for maintaining turgor pressure in plant cells:
a) lysosome b) ribosome c) vacuole d) vacuum cleaner
He discovered cells in 1665:
a) Schwann b) Hooke c) Schleiden d) Coach Champagne
Radiant energy is converted to chemical energy through photosynthesis in this organelle only found in plant cells:
a) cell wall b) ribosome c) chloroplast d) mitochondrium
Both prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells have this substance in which all organelles float in a cell:
a) plasma membrane b) oort cloud c) intergalactic space d) cytoplasm
These organelles generate power for the cell:
a) mitochondria b) chloroplasts c) endoplasmic reticulum d) Fayette County Power Plant
The main function of the cell membrane is:
a) performing photosynthesis b) maintaining turgor pressure in plant cells c) generating power for the cell d) controlling what enters the cell
prokaryotic cells do not have a definite:
a) nucleus b) cell wall c) cell membrane d) solar system
An organism is a collection of
a) organ systems working together b) organs working together c) cells working together d) tissue working together
The control center of a cell that directs all activities:
a) cell membrane b) nucleus c) mitochondria d) vacuole
A group of tissue works together to make:
a) an organelle b) an organ system c) an organ d) fajitas
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