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The wind was blowing so hard, the sun was scared to come out.
a) personification b) oxymoron c) metaphor d) simile
The teacher is like an angry lion when she is mad.
a) personification b) pun c) metaphor d) simile
The boy believed black birds bite
a) personification b) alliteration c) cliche d) hyperbole
The sky is a rainbow of colors.
a) metaphor b) pun c) imagery d) cliche
Cra-aack! Whumph! The beam broke and fell on them.
a) personification b) onomatopoeia c) oxymoron d) cliche
I am so hungry that I could eat an elephant
a) hyperbole b) oxymoron c) cliche d) simile
cold sweat
a) hyperbole b) oxymorn c) cliche d) metaphor
I am going to have to let you go
a) metaphor b) cliche c) euphemism d) hyperbole
The starry night gave me chills as I breathed in the freshness of the daffodils.
a) cliche b) imagery c) pun d) hyperbole
There is a frog in my throat
a) personification b) pun c) simile d) idiom
I got hit in the head with a pop can. Thank goodness it was a soft drink!
a) personification b) pun c) idiom d) hyperbole
Every cloud has a sliver lining
a) pun b) idiom c) cliche d) personification
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