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In this type of mixture, parts do settle.
a) Homogenous b) Suspension c) Solution d)
The method that separates suspensions by trapping particles is
a) spinning b) coagulation c) sedimentation d) filtration
In this type of mixture, parts do not settle.
a) Solution b) Suspension c) Homogenous d)
When the solute stops dissolving, you have a __________________ solution.
a) Dilute b) Saturated c) Concentrated d) Heterogeneous
Which is the weakest solution?
a) Concentrated b) Homogenous c) Saturated d) Dilute
Big pieces dissolve __________________ than small pieces.
a) slower b) faster c) d)
Chemicals are used to separate suspensions in the process of
a) Coagulation b) Filtration c) Spinning d) Sedimentation
Which of the following would NOT create a solution?
a) Sugar and Water b) Salt and Water c) Iced Tea Mix and Water d) Sand and Water
What part of the solution dissolves?
a) Solvent b) Solute c) Water d) Compound
What part of a solution does the dissolving?
a) Solute b) Solvent c) Sugar d) Compound
What is an example of a homogenous mixture?
a) Salad b) Trail Mix c) Lemonade d) Fruit Salad
What are the two parts to a solution?
a) Heterogeneous and Homogenous b) Solute and Solvent c) Mixtures and Compounds d) Elements and Solids
Which is a heterogeneous mixture?
a) Glue b) Honey c) Coffee d) Cereal
What is true about mixtures?
a) It keeps the properties of the substances that make it up. b) It is always thicker than the two chemicals that go into it. c) It can never be separated. d) It is produced through chemical reactions.
What is true about compounds?
a) It does not always keep the properties of the substances that make it up. b) It must have water in it. c) Heat energy is required to make it. d) Electrical energy is required to make it.
What is an example of a chemical change?
a) breaking glass b) burning paper c) melting ice d) ripping paper
How is a compound different from a mixture?
a) Mixtures are created through physical changes; compounds are created through chemical reactions. b) Compounds are created through physical changes; mixtures are created through chemical reactions c) Mixtures are always heavier than compounds. d) Compounds are always heavier than mixtures.
What is an example of a physical change?
a) burning paper b) fireworks c) crumbling paper d) lighting a match
What is a substance that is made of two or more elements that are chemically combined?
a) element b) mixture c) compound d) heterogeneous mixture
When gravity is used to separate suspensions, we call it
a) sedimentation b) filtration c) spinning d) coagulation
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