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likely to break or snap
a) damp b) burr c) heave d) brittle
a prickly seed or flower head with hooks that attach to fur or clothing
a) brittle b) heave c) burr d) desperate
slightly wet or moist
a) damp b) burr c) desperate d) solemn
having lost hope or suffering extreme need
a) damp b) desperate c) heave d) burr
to lift or rise and fall in rythym
a) desperate b) poised c) heave d) solemn
ready to act upon a situation
a) heave b) solemn c) burr d) poised
to prevent someone from getting enough air or covering someone with something
a) poised b) smother c) burr d) brittle
serious or sad
a) brittle b) solemn c) burr d) poised
A synonym for brittle is
a) weak b) unbreakable c) durable d) strong
A antonym for damp is
a) arid b) wet c) dripping d) soggy
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