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The planning and working out of the movements of actors on stage.
a) Blocking b) Gesture c) Pacing d) Mime
The ability of the actor/actress to be β€œin” character - that is, to be like the character s/he is portraying – in dialog, attitude, carriage, gait, etc.
a) Concentration b) Critique c) Projection d) None of the other choices
Opinions and comments based on predetermined criteria that may be used for self- evaluation or the evaluation of the actors or the production itself.
a) Critique b) Concentration c) Blocking d) None of the other choices
An expressive movement of the body or limbs.
a) Gesture b) Blocking c) Mime d) Pantomime
An incident art form in which conventionalized gestures are used to express ideas rather than represent actions
a) Mime b) Pantomime c) Gesture d) Blocking
A long speech by a single character.
a) Monologue b) Critique c) Concentration d) Projection
The tempo of an entire theatrical performance.
a) Pacing b) Blocking c) Pitch d) None of the other choices
Acting without words through facial expression, gesture, and movement.
a) Pantomime b) Mime c) Gesture d) Blocking
The highness or lowness of voice
a) Pitch b) Projection c) Pacing d) Vocal quality
The placement and delivery of volume, clarity, and distinctness of voice for communicating to an audience.
a) Projection b) Vocal quality c) Pacing d) Pitch
Items carried on stage by an actor; small items on the set used by the actors.
a) Props b) Properties c) Both of the other choices d) None of the other choices
The characteristics of a voice, such as shrill, nasal, raspy, breathy, booming, and so forth.
a) Vocal quality b) Pitch c) Projection d) Volume
The degree of loudness or intensity of a voice.
a) Volume b) Projection c) Pitch d) Vocal quality
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