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In flames; on fire
a) dilemma b) imposition c) ablaze d) demobilized
Release from military service or remove from the active list of military service.
a) ablaze b) demobilized c) omnivorous d) feud
Being in a situation and having to make a decision between two difficult choices.
a) dilemma b) nostalgic c) feud d) prosperity
Longing for the past, longing for happier times.
a) prosperity b) imposition c) feud d) nostalgic
lack of understanding or unity
a) properity b) ablaze c) disagreement d) imposition
a disagreement between two parties that ends up in a court
a) dispute b) feud c) dilemma d) nostalgic
A bitter quarrel between two parties
a) dilemma b) imposition c) feud d) omnivorous
something forced on a person, such as a tax, an undue burden, or oneself
a) feud b) imposition c) dilemma d) prosperity
Feeding on both plants and animals.
a) omnivorous b) dispute c) nostalgic d) ablaze
The condition of prospering; having good fortune.
a) prosperity b) omnivorous c) ablaze d) feud
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