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The process in which the number of chromosomes per cell is cut in half through the separation of homologous chromosomes in a diploid cell.
a) Tetrad b) Haploid c) Meiosis d) Zygote
The structure containing four chromatids that forms during meiosis
a) Tetrad b) Crossing-Over c) Haploid d) Zygote
The process in which homologous chromosomes exchange portions of their chromatids during meiosis.
a) Meiosis b) Crossing-Over c) Zygote d) Haploid
Fertilized egg
a) Haploid b) Tetrad c) Zygote d) Meiosis
The term used to refer to a cell that contains only a single set of genes.
a) Haploid b) Zyogte c) Meiosis d) Tetrad
The skin; composed of epidermal and dermal layers
a) Cutaneous membrane b) Dermis c) Hypodermis d) Serous Membrane
Membrane that forms the linings of body cavities open to the exterior
a) Epidermis b) Serous Membrane c) Mucous Membrane d) Cutaneous Membrane
Membrane that lines a cavity without an opening to the outside of the body
a) Epidermis b) Serous Membrane c) Keratin d) Cutaneous Membrane
Tough, insoluble protein found in tissues such as hair, nails and in the epidermis of skin
a) Keratin b) Cutaneous Membrane c) Dermis d) Mucous Membrane
Outer layer of ski
a) Dermis b) Keratin c) Cutaneous Membrane d) Epidermis
The deep layer of skin; composed of dense connective tissue
a) Epidermis b) Dermis c) Keratin d) Mucous Membrane
Also called the subcutaneous; layer beneath the skin composed primarily of adipose tissue
a) Keratin b) Cutaneous Membrane c) Hypodermis d) Dermis
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