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The celebration of the re-dedication of the temple/
a) Passover b) Hanukkah c) Yom Kippur d) Easter
The Day of Atonement
a) Rosh Hashanah b) Passover c) Hanukkah d) Yom Kippur
This person led the Israelites out of slavery in Egypt.
a) Abraham b) Moses c) David d) Solomon
The person is considered the father of the Jewish people.
a) Abraham b) Moses c) David d) Solomon
The collection of the laws and customs of Judaism.
a) Torah b) Old Testament c) New Testament d) Talmud
Person responsible for building the first temple in Jerusalem
a) Abraham b) David c) Solomon d) Moses
Person responsible for establishing Jerusalem as holy city.
a) David b) Abraham c) Solomon d) Moses
What is a Jewish Place of Worship
a) Church b) Syngagogue c) Mosque d) Mandir
What is the most sacred text of Judaism
a) Talmud b) Bible c) Torah d) Tenakh
The celebration of the exodus out of Egypt for the Israelites.
a) Passover b) Easter c) Hanukkah d) Yom Kippur
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