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Education in _____ is promoted in Russia.
a) math b) science c) history d) the Russian language
Who wrote Swan Lake and The Nutcracker?
a) Peter Ilich Tchaikovsky b) Igor Stravinsky c) Leo Tolstoy d) Alexander Solzhenitsyn
Russia's greatest writer is
a) Peter Ilich Tchaikovsky b) Igor Stravinsky c) Leo Tolstoy d) Alexander Solzhenitsyn
Russia has long been a center of music and _______.
a) beauty b) dance c) paintings d)
______ is a feeling of loyalty to one's own country.
a) socialism b) communism c) nationalism d)
Early Russians passed stories by word of mouth, called
a) playing telephone b) oral tradition c) speaking tradition d)
Under _______, people were not allowed to practice religion.
a) communism b) socialism c) d)
The largest ethnic group in Russia is the
a) Tatars b) Yakut c) Ukrainians d) Russians
The official language of Russia is
a) Russian b) Slovakian c) Siberian d)
Russia has many different ______ that speak their own language and have their own culture.
a) cultural groups b) religious groups c) ethnic groups d)
Krasnoyarsk was once a fortress city, but is now home to a
a) carnival that highlights children b) festival that highlights the world of beauty c) parade that highlights children's art d)
Most people live in
a) the country b) cities c) d)
Russia is working on improving its _____ systems.
a) economical b) communications c) cultural d)
Wealthy Russians may own country homes called
a) dachas b) suplas c) murachas d)
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