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Which weather instrument measures wind direction?
a) barometer b) anemometer c) weather vane d) thermometer
Which layer contain weather?
a) exosphere b) ionosphere c) stratosphere d) troposphere
A _____________ front does not move for many days and will cause rain.
a) warm front b) cold front c) stationary front d) occluded front
Whixh layer of the atmosphere contains the ozone layer which protects us from UV light?
a) ionosphere b) exosphere c) stratosphere d) troposphere
Warm air is ____________ dense than cold air.
a) more b) less c) the same d) does not change
As your elevation increases the air pressure
a) decreases b) increases c) stays the same d) does not change
A_______________ occurs when wind blows from the land to sea.
a) land breeze b) sea breeze c) doldrum d) coriolis effect
______________ is the moisture in the air.
a) pressure b) temperature c) wind d) humidity
A _______________ mesasure the amount of rain fall.
a) rain gauge b) anemometer c) weather vane d) barometer
A ________________ studies the weather.
a) chemist b) biologist c) meteorologist d) ecologist
The condition of the atmosphere over a short period of time is ___________.
a) climate b) weather c) atmosphere d) troposphere
________________ clouds form when it is very wet and rainy.
a) Cirrus b) Cumulonimbus c) Stratus d) Cumulus
_______________ clouds are white, puffy and often lead to fair weather?
a) Cumulus b) Cirrus c) Stratus d) Cumulonimbus
Which instrument is used to record the temperature?
a) anemometer b) weather vane c) barometer d) thermometer
Which layer of the atmosphere contains the ozone layer?
a) troposphere b) mesosphere c) stratosphere d) exosphere
A ___________ occurs when wind blows from the sea to land.
a) sea breeze b) land breeze c) doldrum d) trade wind
What instrument is used to measure wind speed?
a) weather vane b) anemometer c) barometer d) thermometer
How would you describe thunderstorm clouds?
a) white and puffy b) dark and billowing c) sheet clouds d) feathery and wispy
Which instrument meaures relative humidity?
a) barometer b) thermometer c) anemometer d) sling psychrometer
____________________ is waether conditions over an extended period of time (years).
a) Cimate b) weather c) air pressure d) temperature
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