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Motion is measured relative to a
a) reference point b) meter stick c) distance d) slope
A straight line on a distance time graph indicates
a) an object is stopped b) speeding up c) slowing down d) constant speed
Velocity gives speed and
a) distance b) motion c) direction d) acceleration
Which of the following is an example of deceleration?
a) a bird taking off for flight b) a ball rolling down a ramp c) a truck approaching a stop sign d) a baseball player leaving home plate
An object changing direction is an example of
a) acceleration b) speed c) velocity d) constant rate
What is the SI unit for acceleration?
a) meters b) meters/second c) meters/second/second d) seconds
Speed equals distance divided by
a) time b) speed c) length d) distance
The steepness of a line on a graph is called
a) slope b) rise c) run d) x axis
The speed of a bird that flies 10m in 5s is
a) 2m/s b) 5m/s c) 2m d) 5s
A horizontal line on a speed time graph indicates that an object is
a) moving at a constant rate b) slowing down c) speeding up d) stopped
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