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The Huang He civilization settle by what river?
a) Yellow River b) Nile c) Tigris d) Indus
What type of religion was followed in the Indus civilization?
a) monotheism b) polytheism c) Judaism d) Islam
What type of government existed in the Huang He civilization?
a) dictatorship b) democracy c) dynasty d) kings
What famous city existed in the Indus Valley civilization?
a) China b) India c) New Dehli d) Mohenjo-Daro
What was used to answer yes/no questions in the Huang He civilization?
a) oracle bones b) shrines c) priests d) temples
What type of economy existed in both Indus and Huang He civilizations?
a) shipping b) agriculture c) manufactoring d) temple building
What type of writing existed in the Indus civilization?
a) cuneiform b) hieroglyphics c) cursive d) picture writing
What type of government existed in the Indus River Valley civilization?
a) monarchy (kings) b) democracy c) dictatorship d) dynasty
Which civilization existed in China?
a) Huang He b) Indus c) Mesopotamia d) Harappa
What accomplishment was NOT achieved in Mohenjo-Daro?
a) bathhouses b) ovens c) ship building d) perpendicular streets
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