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Most of Russia lies in the _____ latitudes.
a) Eastern b) Western c) Northern d) Southern
Russia receives ______ heat.
a) lots of b) little c) d)
Much of Russia lies _______ the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.
a) close to b) far away from c) d)
In the south and east, ______ stop warm air from coming in.
a) mountains b) islands c) d)
Russia experiences 2 main seasons: winter and ________.
a) spring b) fall c) summer d)
The northern ______ climate is always cold.
a) tropical b) taiga c) tundra d)
A permanently frozen layer of soil beneath the soil is called _______.
a) frosty soil b) permafrost c) permacold d)
Smog is a think haze of
a) smoke b) rain c) fog and chemicals d)
Factories send _____ into the air.
a) pollutants b) water c) air d)
Many Russians suffer from ______ diseases.
a) heart b) lung c) stomach d)
More than half of Russia's people do not have safe ______.
a) homes b) drinking water c) breathing air d)
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