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a reddish yellow pigment that occurs especially in bile and blood
a) bilirubin b) malignity c) evacuations d) influx
surrender; giving in; yielding
a) capitulation b) malignify c) stevedores d) bilirubin
persons engaged in the loading or unloading of a vessel
a) contagion b) stupor c) malignify d) stevedores
an inflow; the arrival or entry of many people
a) sloop b) malignity c) influx d) stupor
of awesome strength, size, or difficulty
a) formidable b) putrefied c) evacuations d) contagion
a single-mast sailing vessel
a) sloop b) bilirubin c) stevedores d) malignity
a disease communicated by direct or indirect contact
a) formidable b) contagion c) influx d) sloop
daze; semi consciousness; coma; trance
a) sloop b) stupor c) influx d) formidable
discharges, as of waste matter, through the excretory passages, especially from bowels
a) evacuations b) sloop c) influx d) formidable
rotted; decayed with an offensive odor
a) putrefied b) formidable c) malignity d) sloop
cruelty; harshness; wickedness
a) malignity b) influx c) formidable d) putrefied
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