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Doctors in 1793, based their medical beliefs on the old Greek humoral theory. According to the 2,500 year-old theory, good health resulted when body fluids were_____.
a) balance b) off balance c) not the answer d) not the answer
What was the population of Philadelphia on August 25th?
a) 5000 b) 500 c) about 51,000 d) about 150,000
What was the source of the chilling sound that could be heard through a pounding rainstorm that hit Philadelphia on August 25th?
a) people crying in the streets for the dead or dying b) the tolling of the church bells whenever someone died c) a flock of owls hooting d) people screaming in agony
What appeared on the arms of persons infected with the disease?
a) tiny reddish eruptions appeared on the skin, resembling mosquito bites b) yellow boils c) black blisters d) large yellow whelps
What was the survival rate for those who contracted the dreadful disease?
a) 0 percent b) 50 percent c) 10 percent d) 1 percent
To whom had Robert Morris lent his mansion?
a) George and Martha Washington b) Elmer Fudd c) Thomas Jefferson d) Tom Sawyer
The Mayor of Philadelphia in 1793 was Mathew
a) Clarkston b) Harrison c) Washinton d) Phillips
What was unusual about the patient's vomit from the illness?
a) it was bright green b) it was nasty black bile or liquid c) it was a think yellow substance d) it smelled like the rotting coffee beans from Ball's Wharf
What was Benjamin Rush known for besides being a celebrated doctor?
a) He was one of the signers of the Deceleration of Independence b) He ran a local Hotel c) He had been mayor of Philadelphia the year before. d) He wrote the book An American Plague: The True and Terrifying Story of the Yellow Fever Epidemic of 1793
When had Dr. Rush seen similar symptoms in patients?
a) two years ago when he first moved to Philadelphia b) the week before c) while he was in medical school in France d) in 1762 when he was sixteen studying medicine under Dr. Redman
Why was Washington hesitant to aid the French in their war against Great Britain, Holland, Spain, and Austria?
a) He did not think it was a cause worth fighting b) He had a bad relationship with the French . c) he did not think the USA had the military strength to aid them. d) The French did not ask for his help
What caused the horrible odor along Ball's Wharf?
a) spoiled coffee from Santo Doming that had been dumped. b) dead animals c) people were dying in the streets d) no one knew
What were the weather conditions in Philadelphia during July and August , 1793?
a) rainy with lots of storms b) cold and breezy c) hot and very dry d) the weather was perfect
What name did Dr. Rush give the illness?
a) malaria b) american plague c) yellow plague d) yellow fever
What river flowed along the eastern side of Philadelphia?
a) Denmark b) Deleware c) Denver d) Davis
What government position did Thomas Jefferson hold in 1793?
a) Secretary of State of the United States b) President of the United States c) Vice President of the United States d) Treasurer of the United States
Why did Richard Denny's boarding house draw public attention in August, 1793?
a) it was haunted b) five of its residents died of a mysterious fever over a five-day period c) it housed a notorious criminal d) Dr. Rush lived there
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