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the lowest chess piece is
a) king b) rook c) pawn d) bishop
The highest hand in poker is
a) two pair b) royal flush c) straight flush d) 4 of a kind
Tag is usually played with loosely defined boundaries with no detriment to the overall experience
a) conceptual game b) free form game c) serious game d) board game
Challenging the player by forcing them to employ a particular skill or range of skills causes
a) territory b) barriers c) conflict d) procedures
The game of scrabble uses which of the following to achieve an outcome
a) zero sum b) statistics c) multiple objectives d) ranking system
In Monopoly, the car,dog,iron, wheelbarrow, racecar are considered
a) obstacles b) currency c) resources d) tokens
Which action would determine how play continues in a board game
a) progression b) special c) resolving d) starting
by their nature, games will have winners an d losers. This is due to
a) an unequal, measurable outcome b) some players being better at the game than others c) the laws of probability d) the way the rules are written
conflict from _______ arises from choices players have to make
a) opponents b) procedures c) obstacles d) dilemmas
According to psychologist George Miller in 1956, humans can track and manipulate ______concepts simultaneously
a) five b) ten c) two d) seven
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