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Sea anemones are invertebrate marine animals that usually have colorful, petal-like tentacles. Animals is what part of speech?
a) noun b) pronoun c) verb d) adjective
We don’t have to go the party, but we do have to order pizza. But is which part of speech?
a) adverb b) adjective c) conjunction d) noun
The baseball player hit the ball and ran quickly around the bases. Quickly is what part of speech?
a) adverb b) adjective c) verb d) noun
Jason enjoyed playing soccer with his friends. His is what part of speech?
a) adverb b) verb c) pronoun d) adjective
Yikes! Why is that hornet hovering over me? Yikes is what part of speech?
a) adjective b) noun c) interjection d) conjunction
the river and through the woods to grandmother’s house we go.Through is what part of speech?
a) preposition b) noun c) verb d) Adverb
The beginning of a story in which characters are introduced and background information is given
a) esposition b) resolution c) rising action d)
.The highest point of a story
a) esposition b) rising action c) climax d)
The end of a story
a) exposition b) resolution c) climax d)
The part of a story in which conflicts are introduced and suspense builds
a) setting b) rising action c) falling action d)
Heather and Jane are doing a science project. They need to show that acidic liquids like vinegar react with baking soda. The science lab has three liquids to choose from for the experiment: lemon juice, water and milk. What will the girls do next?
a) a. They will choose lemon juice b) b. They will choose water. c) c. They will choose milk. d)
Elena's grandmother is visiting her house. Everyone wants grandma to make her special spaghetti and meatballs for dinner. Grandma needs fresh tomatoes for the sauce, but Elena's mother only uses canned tomatoes. What will happen next?
a) a. Grandma will change the recipe b) b. Grandma will order takeout. c) d. Grandma will cook something else. d) c. Grandma will go to the grocery store.
The girls in the group __________ sewing.
a) a. enjoy b) b. enjoys c) d)
No one in the theater __________ during the movie.
a) talk b) talks c) d)
. The teachers and students __________ hard.
a) work b) works c) d)
My pants __________ too short. a. is b. are
a) is b) are c) d)
Everyone in the chorus __________ beautifully.
a) sing b) sings c) d)
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