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what is biology?
a) the study of life b) the study of rocks c) the study of space d) the study of chemical reactions
which process is characteristic of life
a) walking b) talking c) growing d) photosynthesizing
which is characteristic of a prokaryote?
a) they are large b) they are multicellular c) they do not have DNA d) they do not have a nucleus
Carbon dioxide and oxygen is cycled through the environment by the processes of
a) oxidation/reduction b) photosynthesis/respiration c) hydrolysis/condensation d) endocytosis/exocytosis
DNA contains the code to build
a) protein b) carbohydrates c) lipids d) nucleotides
a) 0 b) nada c) zip d) zilch
a) asdkfjalsk b) c) d)
a) sdfgsdfg b) c) d)
a) sdfgsdfg b) c) d)
a) sdfgsdfg b) c) d)
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