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a) things done to get ready b) complaints about c) refusal to get ready d) reviews of
a) action of repeating work b) action of leaving work undone c) process of making copies d) obstacle to working
a) action of deciding b) refusal to decide c) uncertainty about deciding d) failure to decide
a) moved back b) went forward c) narrowed d) evaporated
a) increasing b) confusing c) aggressive d) unimportant
a) disappointment b) satisfaction c) distance d) relief
a) unnatural b) depressing c) pleasant d) reassuring
a) to make steady b) to slow down c) to smooth out d) to make equal
a) dedication b) success c) strictness d) observation
a) act of removing wrong answers b) careful consideration c) putting an end to something d) copmpleting a task
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