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Privileges that states possess to govern themselves without interference from the Federal government
a) nationalsim b) secede c) states' rights d) nullify
A devotion to the interests of one geographic region over the interests of the country as a whole
a) sectionalism b) nationalism c) secede d) nullify
A white farmer who owned a few acres of land grew crops on them
a) sectionalism b) field hands c) overseer d) yeoman farmers
Series of laws intended to settle the major disagreement between the free states and the slave states.
a) Missouri Compromise b) Compromise of 1850 c) nullify d) secede
To formally withdraw from the union
a) secede b) nullify c) states' rights d) house slaves
An agreement proposed by Henry Clay that allowed Missouri to enter the union as a slave state and Maine to enter as a free state to outlaw slavery in any territories north of the 36 degrees longitude, 30 latitude line
a) nullify b) states' rights c) Compromise of 1850 d) Missouri Compromise
The nickname given to a tariff by southerners who opposed it
a) field hands b) house slaves c) Tariff of Abominations d) secede
Enslaved African American workers who took care of the housework and children of a plantation owner
a) house slaves b) sectionalism c) overseer d) plantations
A large scale farmer who held more than 20 slaves
a) planters b) plantations c) overseer d) yeoman farmers
A large farm usually specialized in growing 1 type of crop for profit
a) house slaves b) plantations c) overseer d) planters
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