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pre-formatted document in your program
a) template b) prototype c) d)
space between the title of article and the body of the article
a) deck b) byline c) pull quote d)
what shows the completion of an article
a) end sign b) caption c) byline d)
control the flow of text
a) shapes b) lines c) d)
guidlines in a document
a) grid b) shape c) d)
vertical space between text
a) kerning b) leading c) d)
remove person from image
a) cloning b) cropping c) d)
tool to make edges of an image blurry
a) cloning b) layer c) filter d)
to catch errors in alignment
a) master page b) template c) d)
describe various pictures in your presentation
a) caption b) pull quote c) d)
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