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This invention made communicating between businesses and factories easier because you could talk directly to the other person.
a) Telephone b) Telegraph c) Email d) Morse Code
This invention helped the Transcontinental Railroad stay on schedule.
a) Airplane b) Email c) Telegraph d) Telephone
This invention allowed factories to work 24/7.
a) Telephone b) Lightbulb c) Telegraph d) Morse Code
These men built the first motorized airplane.
a) Wright Brothers b) Hunt Brothers c) Grimke Sisters d) Apache Native American Tribe
Where did the Wright Brothers have their first successful flight?
a) Hollywood, California b) Charlotte, North Carolina c) Greenville, South Carolina d) Kitty Hawk, North Carolina
This group of people wanted to reestablish control in the South during Reconstruction.
a) Southerners b) African Americans c) Northerners d) Carpetbaggers
Which of the following was a goal of African Americans during Reconstruction?
a) To work the hours they choose b) To establish churches and schools c) To reunite with their families d) All of these
These men had a political voice for the first time in Reconstruction. They also were called Scalawags and entered into Sharecropping relationships just like African Americans.
a) African Americans b) Poor White c) Northerners d) Southerners
What term means a man who sided with Northern politics?
a) Scalawag b) Carpetbagger c) Traitor d) Doughboy
These people had total economic control over sharecroppers.
a) Congress b) Northerners c) Southerners d) Lincoln
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