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Which triangle has two sides of equal length?
a) Right b) Equilateral c) Scalene d) Isosceles
An angle that measures less than 90 degrees is called a/an:
a) Right angle b) Obtuse angle c) Acute angle d) Supplementary angle
A right triangle measures 3 in. on one side, 4 in. on the second and 5 in. on the third. How many inches is the hypotenuse?
a) 3 in b) 4 in c) 5 in d) 12 in
What triangle has equal sides and angles?
a) Isosceles b) Scalene c) Equilateral d) Right
Which term BEST describes two or more circles of different sizes that share the same center point?
a) Chord b) Circumference c) Concentric d) Radius
Which term BEST describes a polygon fully enclosed in a circle such that all of the polygon's corners touch the circle?
a) Circumference b) Circumscribe c) Inscribe d) Concentric
Which BEST describes a four-sided figure with opposite sides of equal length and four 90 degree angles?
a) Rectangle b) Trapezoid c) Pentagon d) Square
In order to create a polygon using the circumscribe method, one must know the distance:
a) Around the circumference b) Across the chord c) Across the corners d) Across the flats
The point at which two lines meet to form an angle is called the:
a) Corner b) Vertex c) Connection point d) Perpendicular
Which BEST describes TANGENT arcs?
a) Two arcs separated by a very small group b) Two circles that are said to be concentric c) Two or more arcs that touch each other at only one point. d) Two continuing arcs that intersect through one another
The distance across the circle through its center point is referred to as the:
a) Circumference b) Diameter c) Radius d) Chord
Which term BEST describes a polygon fully enclosed in a circle such that all of the polygon's sides are tangent to the circle?
a) Concentric b) Incribe c) Circumference d) Circumscribe
In order to create a polygon using the inscribe method, one must know the distance:
a) Across the diameter b) Across the flats c) Across the corners d) Around the circumference
The four equal parts into which a circle can be equally divided (such as north, south, east and west) are referred to as the circle's:
a) Quadrants b) Chords c) Radius d) Diameter
Which BEST refers to a closed figure in which all of the sides and angles are of equal measure?
a) Trapezoid b) Parallelogram c) Solid d) Regular Polygon
Which triangle has sides of three different lengths?
a) Isosceles b) Right c) Equilateral d) Scalene
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