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What caused the cold air on Tuesday?
a) Polar change b) Polar vortex c) Global warming d) Polar bears
What happened to the hot water when it was thrown into the air?
a) Turned to snow b) Remained water c) Turned to steam d) Turned to ice
What happened to the cold water when thrown into the air?
a) Stayed the same b) Froze c) Made snow d) Got stuck
Where does the cold air usually stay?
a) In the atmosphere b) The North Pole c) On the moon d) In the Gulf of Mexico
At what Fahrenheit temperature does water freeze?
a) 0 degrees b) 20 degrees c) -10 degrees d) 32 degrees
What is it called when it feels colder because the wind is blowing?
a) Wind vortex b) Wind speed c) Wind chill d) Wind storm
What is the study of weather called?
a) Meteorology b) Geology c) Climateology d) Volcanology
Ice froze in 15 minutes on Tuesday
a) True b) False c) d)
When water turns to steam, it is called....
a) Evaporation b) Condensation c) Freezing d) Boiling
At what temperature does water boil?
a) 100 degrees Fahrenheit b) 50 degrees C c) 212 degrees Fahrenheit d) 150 degrees C
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