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Earthquakes generate which of the following types of waves?
a) water b) sound c) seismic d) radiation
Which direction does the energy travel from the origin of an earthquake?
a) inward b) upward c) outward d) backward
Waves hitting a beach leave ripples in the sand showing the energy transferred from the wave. What is this example of?
a) erosion b) undertow c) earthquake d) evaporation
When a tuning fork is placed in water which type of rippled wave pattern is seen coming away from the tuning fork?
a) even rings b) random rings c) zig-zag pattren d) rectangular pattern
Which of the following defines energy?
a) takes up space b) is the ability to do work or cause motion c) the amount of matter per unit of volume d) the high point of a wave
A vibrating object gives off some of its energy to nearby particles causing them
a) to vibrate b) to brighten c) to disappear d) to change shape
A wave is the motion of a/an
a) erosion b) vibration c) reflection d) evaporation
Which of the following statements is a definition of matter?
a) has sound energy b) has weight and color c) has a definite shape d) has mass and takes up space
The following is the BEST definition of a vibration.
a) a movement of particles only in a vacuum b) a repeating back and forth motion c) a slowing down of a steady flow d) a single push or pull
In which direction do all waves travel?
a) toward the source b) inward from the source c) outward from the source d) backward from the source
Which of the following wave types travels THROUGH the Earth?
a) light waves b) microwaves c) water waves d) seismic waves
Which of the following would create sound?
a) matter vibrating b) light reflecting off a mirror c) sunlight heating the Earth d) microwaves traveling through air
Which of the following mediums will the energy of sound, water, or seismic waves NOT travel through?
a) gas b) solid c) liquid d) vacuum
Which of the following is the BEST definition of a wave?
a) a disturbance that transfers energy from one location to another b) a unit used to measure the loudness or intensity of soud c) a condition in matter that allows energy to stop d) a process of quieting or muffling sound
Seismic waves travel through the ground during an earthquake. Which of the following is NOT true about earthquakes?
a) Buildings shake and sometimes crumble b) The ground trembles and vibrates c) Energy is transfered d) It begins with rain
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