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Which person most embodied the ideas of the Renaissance?
a) Michelangelo b) Leonardo da Vinci c) Erasmus d) Martin Luther
Who spoke out against the practice of indulgences?
a) Martin Luther b) William Shakespeare c) Johan Tetzel d) Sir Thomas More
Who invented movable type?
a) Jan Van Eyck b) Thomas More c) Martin Luther d) Gutenberg
Who was the leading figure of Christian humanism?
a) Martin Luther b) Erasmus c) Sir Thomas More d) Johan Tetzel
What is the time period from 1300-1650 in Europe called?
a) The Renaissance b) The Era of Good Feelings c) The Scientific Explosion d) The Revolution of Thought
Who was the most famous writer of the Renaissance?
a) Jan Van Eyck b) Erasmus c) William Shakespeare d) Sir Thomas More
What was a new system of printing books developed in the 1400's?
a) Computer b) Movable Type c) Caligrophy d) Block Style Writing
Which of the following was a group that tried to spread Catholic teaching after the Reformation?
a) The Protestants b) The Anabaptists c) The Calvinists d) The Jesuits
What was the name of the work completed by Thomas More?
a) Utopia b) Mona Lisa c) The Histories d) Of Mice and Men
Which document criticized the practices of the Catholic Church?
a) The Ten Commandments b) The Histories c) 95 Theses d) The Rights of the Church
From what did the Renaissance take the focus away?
a) The Church b) The King c) The Vikings d) Art and Literature
Which of the following was accomplished by the Christian Humanist movement
a) A new excitement about following the Catholic Church b) Identification of corruption by the Catholic Church c) Very little was accomplished d) A new interest in painting and sculpting
What was a new focus on worldly issues rather than religious matters?
a) Naturalism b) Communism c) Humanism d) Realism
Where did the Renaissance begin?
a) France b) Germany c) England d) Italy
Who painted the Mona Lisa?
a) Michelangelo b) Donatello c) da Vinci d) Van Eyck
Which of the following is the proper match with the accomplishment?
a) Michelangelo painted the Sistine Chapel b) Thomas More wrote Utopia c) Donatello sculpted the statue of David d) All
Who supported the idea of the Church granting indulgences?
a) Erasumus b) Tetzel c) Luther d) Van Eyck
What is the practice of allowing buyers to escape their punishments?
a) Indulgences b) Practicum c) Ignatius d) Considerations
Which Renaissance figure is most associated with the humanist movement?
a) Luther b) da Vinci c) Petrarch d) More
What was an inspiration on writers and artists of the Renaissance?
a) The Egyptians b) The Romans and Greeks c) The Chinese d) The Maya
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