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What career uses automation, database management, and softward development to display data in a clearer and more understandable manner?
a) engineering and manufacturing b) remote sensing c) graphic design d) informational visualization
What career focuses on developing the design and use of manufacturing products such as furniture?
a) architectural design b) medical imaging c) industrial design d) film and game design
What career uses both computers and satellites to gain infromation about the Earth?
a) graphic design b) remote sensing c) film and gaming design d) architectural design
What career is concerned with combining 3D animation, 3D modelinig and programming into a product mostly for children and teens?
a) graphic design b) gaming industry c) informational visualization d) scientific imaging
Which is NOT considered a graphic design?
a) essay b) logo c) poster d) brochure
Which career is concerned with evaluating design ideas based on function, marketing, and sales?
a) scientific imaging b) industrial design c) informational visualization d) gaming design
What career focuses on designing houses using programs such as AutoCAD?
a) scientific imaging b) architectural design c) remote sensing d) industrial design
What career routinely uses desktop publishing software to produce posters, signs, and logos?
a) industrial design b) medical imaging c) scientific imaging d) graphic design
What career might create images made of ectremely small objects in order to help people understand how the world works?
a) graphic design b) industrial design c) medical imaging d) scientific imaging
What career uses advanced equipment such as light and electron microscopes to visualize complex images?
a) graphic design b) industrial design c) scientific imaging d) information visualization
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