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The author or poet's attitude or feeling toward a person, thing, place, event, or situation. It is also the emotional feeling in a story/poem.
a) Onomatopoeia b) Alliteration c) Tone d) Simile
The atmosphere that a character is in. It is the atmosphere that the writer is trying to convey to his/her readers.
a) Idiom b) Mood c) Personification d) Metaphor
The use of words that imitate the sounds associated with the objects or actions to which they refer.
a) Onomatopoeia b) Plot c) Alliteration d) Setting
An expression whose meaning is not predictable from the usual definitions of the words.
a) Alliteration b) Idiom c) Metaphor d) Tone
The repetition of beginning sounds in words.
a) Simile b) Setting c) Mood d) Alliteration
Giving human characteristics to non-human things.
a) Personification b) Idiom c) Plot d) Alliteration
Uses like, as, than, or similar comparative words to make a connection between two generally unlike things.
a) Mood b) Onomatopoeia c) Simile d) Setting
A comparison of two generally unlike things that often uses is in the comparison.
a) Plot b) Alliteration c) Metaphor d) Mood
Where and when a story or narrative takes place
a) Idiom b) Setting c) Tone d) Personification
What happens in the story or narrative
a) Setting b) Simile c) Onomatopoeia d) Plot
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