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The theory that states that the continents were once joined together is
a) The Theory of Continental Drift b) The Theory of Plate Tectonics c) The Theory of Convectional Movement d) The Theory of Pangaea
What type of plate movement results in new ocean floor (crust)?
a) plates moving towards each other b) plates sinking under each other c) plates sliding past each other d) plates moving away from each other
When two plates slide past each other, creating friction, what occurs?
a) volcano b) earthquake c) mountains d) deep sea trench/ridge
When plates move away from each other, what is formed?
a) mountains b) volcano c) deep sea trench/ridge d) earthquake
When two plates converge (collide) and the more dense plate moves under the less dense plate, what geological event occurs?
a) earthquake b) volcano c) deep sea trench/ridge d) mountains
What causes the plates to move?
a) Water under the plates b) convection currents in the Earth's mantle c) the ocean tide coming in and out d) convection currents in the crust
Where two plates meet is called a
a) meeting place b) boundary c) plate diagram d) none of the above
When two plates move towards each other and collide, what geological formation is formed?
a) volcano b) mountains c) deep sea trench/ridge d) earthquake
What theory believes that the Earth is broken into plates?
a) Theory of Continental Drift b) Theory of Plate Tectonics c) Theory of Convectional Movement d) Theory of Pangaea
North America sits on which tectonic plate?
a) South American Plate b) North American Plate c) African Plate d) none of the above
What was the name of the original super continent?
a) Gondwanaland b) Laurasia c) Saginaw d) Pangaea
Convection currents are caused by:
a) warm magma rising and cool magma sinking b) warm magma sinking and cool magma rising c) warm lava rising and cool lava sinking d) warm lava sinking and cool lava rising
Australia is located on which plate?
a) South American b) South African c) Indo-Australian d) Pacific
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