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What are the 2 types of crust?
a) Oceanal and Crustal b) Crust and Mantle c) Oceanic and Continental d) Thin and thick
Which of these is NOT one of the 5 main layers of the Earth?
a) Lithosphere b) Inner core c) Upper mantle d) Crust
The lithosphere includes the crust and
a) core b) asthenosphere c) lower mantle d) upper mantle
The Earth's core is made of iron and
a) copper b) nickel c) magnetite d) gold
Which layer of the Earth is the densest layer?
a) crust b) inner core c) outer core d) mantle
What is the bottom part of the upper mantle and the top part of the lower mantle called?
a) Asthenosphere b) Core c) Mantle d) Lithosphere
What is the flow of heat by touch?
a) Conduction b) Magnetic Reversal c) Radiation d) Convection
What is the flow of heat by currents?
a) Conduction b) Magnetic Reversal c) Radiation d) Convection
In which of Earth's layers do convection currents occur to transfer heat?
a) Crust b) Inner core c) Outer core d) Mantle
Who first proposed the theory of continental drift?
a) Alfred Wegener b) Charles Darwin c) Albert Einstein d) Authur Holmes
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