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Native American Tribes: Question Preview (ID: 1711)

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Tribe from the southeast; originated in Florida; ate fish & small animals; lived in homes called chickees
a) Seminoles b) Hopi c) Inuit d) Kwakiutl  
Arctic region tribe; Ate fish, seals, & whales; Lived in igloos
a) Inuit b) Pawnee c) Seminole d) Nez Perce  
Southewestern tribe; lived in pueblos; ate beans, pumpkins, rabbits
a) Hopi b) Nez Perce c) Inuit d) Kwakiutl  
lived in plateau region, between the plains and northwest; ate moose, bear, salmon; built homes out of mud
a) Nez Perce b) Pawnee c) Seminole d) Inuit  
Northwestern tribe; access to Pacific Ocean; ate fish & whales; Used large trees to build plankhouses
a) Kwakiutl b) Seminole c) Pawnee d) Hopi  
Tribe from the great plains; ate maize and buffalo; lived in tipis
a) Pawnee b) Hopi c) Inuit d) Seminole  
What was the main source of food for Native Americans of the far north?
a) snow & ice b) cows, pigs, and chickens c) fish and Arctic sea and land animals d) wheat and fruit  
Native American of the Desert were less like to grow their own food because...
a) they did not like to farm b) they lived in the driest parts of California c) they did not like to search for food d) they had plenty of game animals to hunt  
Which of the following do you think were least likely to be expert fishers?
a) Native Americans of the Northwest b) Native Americans of the Desert c) Native Americans of the Far North d) Native Americans of the Eastern Forests  
Where did the Seminole settle?
a) b) c) d)  

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