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An offspring with two parents that have the same type of trait
a) purebred b) hybrid c) d)
Parents pass traits to their offspring during reproduction
a) true b) false c) d)
This man developed many uses for peanuts
a) Gregor Mendel b) Luther Burbank c) George Washington Carver d)
This man developed a whiter, larger potato
a) Gregor Mendel b) Luther Burbank c) George Washington Carver d)
A trait that is hidden in the offspring
a) dominant b) recessive c) d)
Mendel first experimented with a
a) purebred tall and purebred short pea plant b) two purbred tall pea plants c) two purebred short pea plants d)
Mendel lived in
a) Germany b) Austria c) Australia d) Poland
Mendel's results from his first experiment
a) 4 short purebred pea plants b) 3 tall and 1 short pea plants c) 4 tall hybrid pea plants d)
Mendel was curious about traits
a) true b) false c) d)
The genes for pea plant flower color are either ____ or ____
a) red and white b) pink or white c) purple or white d) yellow or green
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