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What type of rock forms from heat and pressure?
a) Igneous b) Metamorphic c) Sedimentary d)
What type of rock forms near a volcano?
a) Igneous b) Metamorphic c) Sedimentary d)
What type of rock usually has fossils in it?
a) Igneous b) Metamorphic c) Sedimentary d)
What are the first 2 steps to forming sedimentary rock?
a) Cementation and compaction b) Weathering and erosion c) Cooling and melting d) Heat and pressure
What type of crystals would a rock formed from magma have?
a) No crystals b) Small crystals c) Big crystals d)
Why does a jellyfish not fossilize well?
a) It is made under water. b) It doesn't have hard parts. c) It actually does fossilize well. d) Sharks might eat it before it fossilizes.
Why is color the LEAST reliable property to identify a mineral?
a) A mineral can be any color. b) A mineral can only be one color. c) It is actually the most reliable property. d)
Most rocks are made out of......
a) Fossils! b) Magma c) Bits of sand d) Minerals
What is luster?
a) The color of the mineral in powdered form. b) The reflection of light off the mineral. c) How easily the mineral can be scratched. d)
What is the density of a mineral with a mass of 10 g and a volume of 5 mL?
a) 2 g/mL b) 3 g/mL c) 4 g/mL d) 5 g/mL
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