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The Father of Genetics
a) Gregor Mendel b) Luther Burbank c) George washington Carver d)
The environment and health habits can affect traits
a) true b) false c) d)
The pollination that involves one plant
a) cross-pollination b) self-pollination c) d)
Characteristics passed from parents to offspring
a) heredity b) reproduction c) fertilization d) inherited traits
Scientists who study genetics
a) biologists b) chemists c) geneticists d) meteorologists
The pollination between two plants
a) cross-pollination b) self-pollination c) d)
The passing of traits from one generation to the next
a) inherited traits b) reproduction c) heredity d) fertilization
Mendel studied the traits of
a) christmas trees b) pea plants c) mosses d) grasses
The trait that shows up in an offspring
a) dominant b) recessive c) d)
The offspring of parents with two different types of the same trait
a) purebred b) hybrid c) d)
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