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What city developed as a center fro the trans-Saharan salt and gold trade
a) Rome b) Shanghi c) Ghana d) Timbuktu
What were Europeans looking for when they arrived in Africa?
a) Fountain of Youth b) Resources c) A place to sell their slaves d) Nothing
What types of ideas were traded along the silk road?
a) Science b) Math c) Medicine d) All of these
How did slavery in Africa begin in the 1500s?
a) Africans enslaved other Africans b) Africans enslaved Europeans c) Europeans brought slaves to Africa d) Slavery did not exist in Africa in the 1500s
What was the name of the trade routes that first linked China to Europe?
a) Silk Road b) Salt Road c) Trans-Siberian Trade Route d) Mesopotamia
What is it called when countries depend on each other for goods and services?
a) Gross Domestic Product b) Isolationism c) Currency d) Interdependence
Who was teh greatest leader of Mali who spread Islam and mad a pilgrimage to Mecca?
a) Timbuktu b) Ibn Battuta c) Mansa Musa d) Marco Polo
What two resources were the most traded resources in Ghana?
a) Salt and Gold b) Salt and Silk c) Silk and Gold d) Silk and Tea
How were Ghana, Mali, and Songhai alike?
a) Ruled by the same person b) Located in the same region of Africa c) Were in power at the same time d) All used cuneiform to communicate
What Muslim explorer went on a Hajj to Mecca and then kept exploring for the next thirty years throughout Africa and the Middle East?
a) Marco Polo b) Ibn Battuta c) Mansa Musa d) Muhammed
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