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Which term describes the relatively constant internal physical conditions of an organism?
a) cell specialization b) homeostasis c) organ system d) unicellularity
When a particle is surrounded by a vesicle and pulled into a cell, it is called _______________.
a) endocytosis b) exocytosis c) facilitated diffusion d) protein pump
Which of the following is an example of an organ?
a) nerve cell b) epithelial tissue c) heart d) digestive system
A group of similar cells that perform a particular function is called _____________.
a) an organ b) an organ system c) a division of labor d) a tissue
An organ system is a group of organs that
a) are made up of similar cells. b) are made up of similar tissues. c) work together to perform a specific function. d) work together to perform all of the functions in a multicellular organism.
The cell theory states ALL things are made of cells.
a) True b) False c) d)
If a cell contains a nucleus, it must be a eukaryote.
a) True b) False c) d)
Large molecules, such as glucose, that cannot cross the lipid bilayer can still move across the membrane through a type of passive transport called __________________.
a) osmosis b) facilitated diffusion c) protein pump d) active transport
Gatorade is an ________________ solution that replenishes what you lose through sweat when you exercise..
a) hypertonic b) hypotonic c) isotonic d)
A cell's organelles can be compared to a ________________.
a) sports team b) a factory c) a city d) both a city and a factory
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