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unable to comprehend
a) scatterbrained b) hesitation c) unfathomable d) indignant
playfully; mischievously, or dishonestly
a) reformatory b) quivering c) roguishly d) gallantly
shaking uncontrollably
a) quivering b) winced c) roguishly d) cunning
acting bravely or nobly
a) roguishly b) reluctantly c) gallantly d) nonchalantly
tensed the body; flinched
a) quivering b) winced c) cunning d) surveyed
examined; looked at; inspected
a) surveyed b) winced c) ornery d) scatterbrained
subtle; shrewd; crafty
a) incredulous b) cunning c) indignant d) disgrace
skeptical or disbelieving
a) disgrace b) defiance c) incredulous d) indignant
found not guilty
a) grimacing b) mimicking c) acquitted d) recurring
arrogant or conceited
a) stupor b) aghast c) leery d) cocky
to distract or turn away from
a) divert b) veered c) bleak d) leery
suspicious; wary
a) acquitted b) contemptuously c) delirious d) leery
without hope or encouragement; depressing
a) conformity b) bleak c) delirious d) cocky
returning again to the mind; occurring again
a) recurring b) mimicking c) grimacing d) divert
acting according to social standards; compliance
a) contemptuously b) mimicking c) conformity d) aghast
scornfully; showing disdain
a) aghast b) contemptuously c) leery d) bleak
imitating or copying action or speech
a) grimacing b) stupor c) conformity d) mimicking
worshipped; regarded with adoration
a) idolized b) delirious c) aghast d) acquitted
wandering in the mind and talking nonsense
a) delirious b) stupor c) leery d) aghast
struck with shock or amazement
a) grimacing b) contemptuously c) aghast d) recurring
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