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A cell that has two of every kind of chromosome is *********.
a) haploid b) diploid c) an egg d) a sperm
Once mitosis is complete, the splitting of the cytoplasm or ******* occurs.
a) endocytosis b) cytokinesis c) exocytosis d) osmosis
In a Punnett square, a capital letter stands for a ********* allele.
a) recessive b) dominant c) homozygous d) heterozygous
A Punnett square shows you all the ways in which ******* can combine.
a) alleles b) eggs c) sperm d) colors
Blood type in humans is controlled by ******** alleles.
a) one b) two c) three d) four
Mendel called plants that received different alleles for a trait from each parent*****.
a) hybrids b) dominant c) genotypes d) phenotypes
Of the following, which represents a homozygous recessive genotype?
a) TT b) Tt c) tt d) TTT
What is produced by mitosis?
a) two identical cells b) two nuclei c) chloroplasts d) two different cells
Most of the life of any cell is spent in a period of growth called ********
a) interphase b) prophase c) telophase d) anaphase
The process that produces sex cells is *******.
a) mitosis b) photosynthesis c) meiosis d) probability
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