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Which one of these is a capital resource
a) soap b) Factory c) nectar d) dirt
What is a limited resource
a) milk b) food c) water d) gas
what isnt a capital resource
a) Machine b) food c) food proscesser d) dehydrator
all of the following are natural resources except ?
a) trees b) gas c) plastic d) rubber tree
All of the following are goods what is a service
a) Toothbrush b) masseuse c) chair d) paint
All of the following are examples of a service EXCEPT
a) Computer b) Car wash c) repair man d) dog trainer
What is a want?
a) TV b) shelter c) water d) cat
What is a need?
a) Food b) TV c) Car d) Dog
An example of a natural resouce is what
a) money b) fishing net c) sunlight d) computer
Is gold a natural resource
a) always b) sometimes c) never d) most of the time
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