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There is no requirement that an invention be better than the prior art.
a) T b) F c) d)
for an invention to patent the invention must be important and significant
a) T b) F c) d)
A obvious indicator is one that has a predictable solution to a known problem.
a) T b) F c) d)
Disclosure to a third party can impact patentability and claim scope, particularly if is cannot be shown that the subject matter was obtained from the invemtor.
a) T b) F c) d)
When working with others there is no need to use a confidential Disclosure agreement tailored to the situation, because they are you friends.
a) T b) F c) d)
It is extremely important to file an application before any public use or offer for sale of the invention.
a) T b) F c) d)
A design patent is not subject to maintenance fees.
a) T b) F c) d)
If there is ____ difference between the invention and the prior art, the invention is novel
a) any b) some c) no d) minute
Prior Art only includes anything that is located in the same geographical area of the item trying to get patented.
a) T b) F c) d)
Limited patent protection typically begins upon publication of the application ________ months after filing
a) 10 b) 16 c) 18 d) 6
A design patent protects the _________ appearence of a product.
a) coslty b) beauty c) formal d) aesthetic
A design patent has a term of ____yrs from ________
a) 20ys, anniversary b) 10yrs, anniversary c) 25yrs, issuance d) 14yrs, issuance
The ability to enforce a patent begins well before patent issue
a) T b) F c) d)
The U.S Supreme Court stated that patents can be _______________
a) Anything on earth b) Anything under the sun that is made by man c) Anything the lord as created d) Anything that can be sold for profit
a patentable invention
a) novel, useful, non obvious b) novel, useful, and suggestive c) useful, suggestive, novel d) useful, novel, obvious
A patent is a grant by a government of the _________ _______ to make, sell, use, and sell, the patented invention
a) highest priority b) original right c) exclusive right d)
A utility patent has a term of ______ years from its earliest effective non provisional filing date, subject to the payment of maintenance fees at 3 1/2, 7 1/2 and 11 1/2 years after issue
a) 10 b) 20 c) 14 d) 10
What are the three types of patents?
a) Paper patents, utility patents, design patents b) Utility patents, design, suggestive patents c) Paper patents, design utility patents d) utility patents, design patents, plant patents
What do Patents protect?
a) brands b) Inventions c) Confidential Information d) authorship
A patent is a license to use the invention and obtaining a patent guarantees the inventor can use the invention.
a) T b) F c) d)
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