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What period is known as age of fish?
a) Jurassic b) Permian c) Devonian d) Silurian
Which is larger: era or period?
a) period b) era c) d)
Humans are found in what time period?
a) Quaternary b) Devonian c) Cambrian d) Silurian
Which exist first: insects or sharks
a) insects b) sharks c) d)
The oldest time period is called ______.
a) Silurian b) Precambrian c) Cambrian d) Permian
How many mass extinctions occur?
a) one b) two c) three d) four
Pangea froms during this period.
a) Permian b) Jurassic c) Triassic d) Silurian
Which is era means age of ancient life?
a) Paleozoic b) Cenozoic c) Mesozoic d)
Which is not an example of a type of fossil?
a) trace b) cast c) bone extraction d) mold
Dinosaurs become extinct at the end of _____ period.
a) Cretaceous b) Jurassic c) Triassic d)
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