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A region where little rain falls is known as a...
a) desert b) canyon c) prairie d) canyon
Which is not one of the three A's that helped people adapt to the Southwest\'s hot, dry climate?
a) airplanes b) aqueducts c) automobiles d) air conditioning
One reason dams are built on rivers is to...
a) keep rivers from flooding b) stop the pollution of rivers c) change the path of rivers d) make rivers flow faster
The Alamo is a memorial to...
a) Spanish mission priests b) Oklahoma land rush settlers c) Texas freedom fighters d) Mexican factory workers
The executive branch in a state government is...
a) headed by the state governor b) the branch that sets taxes c) made up of state courts d) the branch that passes laws
Where would you go to see bats flying at sunset?
a) Carlsbad Caverns b) Hoover Dam c) Monument Valley d) Grand Canyon
Which is the largest state in the Southwest?
a) Texas b) Arizona c) New Mexico d) Oklahoma
Which state is nicknamed the "Sooner State"?
a) Arizona b) New Mexico c) Oklahoma d) Texas
Which state has the most copper and silver?
a) Arizona b) Texas c) New Mexico d) Oklahoma
Which state in the Southwest has Ms. T not visited?
a) Oklahoma b) Arizona c) Texas d) New Mexico
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