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Who were a group of invading people from the north that created a need for Europe accept feudalism?
a) Huns b) Vikings c) Mongols d) Franks
What usually unites a group of people together?
a) Language b) Culture c) Both d) None
What was something that happened because of the Hundred Year's War?
a) New war technology b) Strong national feelings c) The end of armored knights d) All
What was a place where nation building began during the end of the Middle Ages?
a) Russia b) Spain c) France d) All
What became very overcrowded during the Middle Ages?
a) Manors b) Towns c) Crusades d) City-states
What system of rule was used to protect Europe from invaders?
a) Democracy b) Socialism c) Feudalism d) Communism
Who was the Frankish leader that controlled Europe?
a) Urban II b) Charlemagne c) Henry II d) King John
What event marked the beginning of the Middle Ages?
a) Defeat of Egypt b) Invasion of the Vikings c) Fall of the Roman Empire d) The Crusades
What is true about the life of a serf?
a) They could not marry without permission b) They could not leave the manor without permission c) They could possibly escape for their freedom d) All
What was a way in which the Church helped people during the Middle Ages?
a) All b) Charity for the poor c) Education d) Health care
Who is someone in the Middle Ages that would receive honor and land in exchange for their service?
a) King b) Emperor c) Knight d) Vassal
What is a disease that devasted Europe during the Middle Ages?
a) Black Death b) Bubonic Plague c) None d) Both
What means to be expelled from membership in the Church and Church life?
a) Expulsion b) Excommunication c) Extradition d) Extracommunication
Who invaded and took control of England in the year 1066AD?
a) Alexander the Great b) Wiliam of Normandy c) Joan of Arc d) Charlemagne
Who had as much power and more land than any king or emperor?
a) Serfs b) Lords c) The Church d) Peasants
Which pope began sending soldiers to the Holy Land?
a) Urban II b) Gregory I c) King Richard d) Charlemagne
What is something the Church could do during the Middle Ages?
a) Make laws b) Own land c) Control the economy d) All
What was the name of the military campaigns that were fought to gain control of the Holy Land?
a) Feudalistic Wars b) Hundred Years War c) Crusades d) The Gaulish Wars
What document stated that the king had to serve the people and follow the law?
a) Magna Carta b) Declaration of Independence c) Divine Right of Kings d) English Bill of Rights
What was created as a result of the Magna Carta?
a) A new powerful king b) A model Parliament c) An new army d) All
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