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Settlers here were first called Separatists
a) Roanoke b) Jamestown c) Plymouth d)
Colony that was built on a marsh.
a) Roanoke b) Jamestown c) Plymouth d)
Colony that was built on an island
a) Roanoke b) Jamestown c) Plymouth d)
All of the following describe Squanto except
a) He taught the Pilgrims how to plant and fish b) He spoke to the Pilgrims through sign language. c) He saw his entire tribe die from disease. d) The Pilgrims believed he was sent by God.
Why was the first winter hard for the Pilgrims?
a) The Native Americans attacked them. b) Most of their supplies were lost when their ships crashed on the rocky coast. c) They had landed too late to plant crops. d) It snowed a lot that winter.
Why was VIrginia considered to be more democratic than England?
a) Representatives from the House of Burgesses made the laws instead of a king or queen. b) Everyone could be a member of the House of Burgesses. c) Everyone could vote for representatives to the House of Burgesses. d) All of the above are reasons Virginia was considered more democratic that England
There were swarms of mosquitoes that carried disease around Jamestown
a) True b) False c) d)
Jamestown survived for all of the following reasons except
a) The settlers were helped by the Native Americans. b) The old chief Powhatan died, and his brother became chief. c) The colony began raising tobacco, which they could use for trade. d) Captain John Smith was a strong leader who demanded that everyone work.
The plan of government that the PIlgrims drew up was called
a) the Pilgrim Compact b) the Mayflower Charter c) The Plymouth Promise d) The Mayflower Compact
Why was Captain John White delayed returning to Roanoke?
a) He got lost coming back to the settlement. b) He could not raise enough money to return. c) He had been put in jail when he returned to England. d) A war with Spain made it unsafe for ships to leave England.
When Captain John White did finally return to Roanoke, what did he and his men find?
a) A carving of the word CROATOAN. b) Everyone was gone. c) A ruined fort. d) All of the above.
The colony of Jamestown had land that was good for farming.
a) True b) False c) d)
The water was very dirty and salty around Jamestown
a) True b) False c) d)
A town started in Virginia in hopes of finding gold and other natural riches.
a) Richmond b) Jamestown c) Roanoke d) Plymouth
A plant whose leaves are dried and turned into materials for smoking, sniffing, or chewing
a) Cotton b) Tobacco c) Wheat d) Corn
Small communities started by people who are new to an area.
a) Settlements b) Towns c) Townships d) Cities
Why did the first group of people that went to Roanoke give up and return home?
a) They ran short of supplies. b) The Native Americans were unfriendly. c) They were homesick for their friends and family back in England d) They were unable to find the gold they were looking for.
The first English settlement, which today is known as The Lost Colony
a) Plymouth b) Jamestown c) Roanoke d) Boston
A town in present-day Massachusetts that was started for religious reasons
a) Roanoke b) Boston c) Jamestown d) Plymouth
Tobacco was grown here to trade with England
a) Roanoke b) Jamestown c) Plymouth d)
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