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Klinger\'s nose is as long as an elephant\'s trunk!
a) hyperbole b) metaphor c) simile d) synonym
Carolyn\'s mouth is so big she could swallow a watermelon whole.
a) hyperbole b) antonym c) simile d) homonym
Tall is to giraffe as _______ is to dachshound.
a) skinny b) short c) long d) fat
The sun made her skin as red as a fire engine.
a) homonym b) metaphor c) simile d) antonym
bare and bear
a) antonym b) homonym c) onomatopeia d) synonym
The water balloon she threw went splat when it hit the wall.
a) homonym b) memoir c) onomatopeia d) simile
Looking back on my years in the Army, I distinctly remember a feeling of pride and courage.
a) metaphor b) antonym c) onomatopeia d) memoir
black and white
a) homonyms b) antonyms c) similes d) synonyms
delicate fragile
a) antonym b) homonym c) onomatopeia d) synonym
squish, splat, boing, crash, bang, toot-toot, swish, chirp
a) homonyms b) synonyms c) metaphors d) onomatopeia
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