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A molecule of three fatty acids and one glycerol is a.
a) Phospholipid b) Fat c) Steroid d) Cholesterol
Which functional group is present on phospholipids?
a) Hydroxyl b) Carbonyl c) Amino d) Phosphate
What is the key difference between phospholipids and fats?
a) Phospholipids have two fatty acids and fats have three b) Phospholipids have three fatty acids and fats have two c) Phosphoplipids do not have glycerol d) Fats have glycerol
Which of the following has a double bond their hydrocarbon chains?
a) Saturated fats b) Trans fats c) unsaturated fats d) cholesterol
Which are solids at room temp
a) unsat fats b) sat fats c) trans fats d) cholesterol
Olive oil is an example of which of the following
a) trans fat b) cholesterol c) sat fat d) unsat fat
Butter and animal fats are an example of which of the following
a) sat fats b) unsat fats c) trans fats d) cholesterol
What is another name of trans fats?
a) unsat fats b) sat fats c) hydrogenated vegetable oil d) cholesterol
Which of the following are not present in membranes?
a) fats b) phospholipids c) cholesterol d) not me
Which is made of a 4 carbon ring as it's base?
a) Sat fats b) unsat fats c) cholesterol d) trans fats
Which molecule is amphipathic?
a) phospholipids b) fats c) steroids d) cholesterol
Most lipids are
a) hydrophobic b) hydrophilic c) not me d) not me
Which are the bases for steroids and sex hormones?
a) unsat fats b) cholesterol c) sat fats d) trans fats
When putting phospholipids in water, what will they form?
a) trilayer b) monolayer c) bilayer d) quadralayer
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