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Which of the following is a way to use a wheel and axle?
a) pushing a shopping cart through grocery shopping aisles b) prying open a can of paint c) raising a flag on a pole d) helping a pole vaulter to jump higher
The first working product that uses a design is called a
a) prototype b) redesign c) technology d) method
Which simple machine is used to raise a flag on a flagpole?
a) pulley b) lever c) inclined plane d) wedge
What is the first step in the design process?
a) Identify the problem. b) Do research. c) Choose one solution. d) Test the prototype.
What technology protects people from diseases?
a) vaccines b) solar panel c) Global Positioning System (GPS) d) computer chip
Dave and his family are loading a moving van with boxes. Which simple machine could best help Dave with this task?
a) inclinded plane b) pulley c) wedge d) screw
How many simple machines are there?
a) six b) ten c) two d) seven
What is the best way to describe scissors?
a) two cutting wedges and a lever that moves the wedges b) two wedges held together by a wheel and axle c) two inclined planes and two levers d) a pulley and two levers
An inventor decides on a solution to a problem. What happens next?
a) He designs a prototype. b) He communicates his results. c) He redesigns the prototype. d) He does research.
Which of the following is an example of work?
a) pushing a bike pedal b) pushing a rock that does not move c) solving a math problem d) reading a book
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