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what is the largest table you can insert using the table grid?
a) 10 x 8 b) 4x4 c) 12x14 d) 12 x 12
tables are found under which tab?
a) insert b) home c) view d) page layout
what are the two tabs under table tools?
a) design, layout b) format, paragraph c) design, structure d) format, table
which table tools tab has more to do with the look of the table
a) design b) layout c) format d) view
under which tab can you add a row to your table
a) layout b) design c) format d) view
what is the name of the group that gives you pre-formatted options for different colors and styles of tables?
a) table styles b) layout c) rows and columns d) draw borders
which button allows you to arrange text and numbers alphabetically and highest to lowest in a table?
a) sort b) arrange c) format d) re arrange
what button allows you to change the color of a cell(s) in a table?
a) shading b) color c) format d) table style
how do you change the size of cells within a table?
a) click between the cells and drag b) click on the cell and drag c) click on the cell and use the design tab d) double click the cell
tables are good...
a) to organize info b) to eat on c) to do mathematical functions d) for creating interactive games
generally, all fun things in Word are placed in a document using which tab?
a) insert b) home c) view d) page layout
which of the following is not a style of clip art?
a) frames b) photographs c) illustrations d) video
you have to double click a clip art to insert it
a) false b) true c) oreo blizzard d) green salsa from abuelos
if a pic or clip art is not easily moved around the screen, use this button
a) wrap text b) send forward c) send backward d) unlock picture
to resize a graphic, do this
a) click on the sizing handle and drag b) click and drag the picture c) use the format tab d) select the picture and use the resize tab
which tab do you use to change pictures and clip art?
a) format b) view c) page layout d) picture styles
what is the name of the group that applies borders, shadows, effects, etc... to pictures
a) picture styles b) styles c) format d) recolor
how do you place a picture behind another picture?
a) right click b) left click c) select pic d) delete
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